Day 2, April 29

A mix of plenary and breakout sessions
in a vibrant atmosphere of sharing and networking

Plenary sessions

Opening & Direction for the Day

Pia Anhede & Joakim Hillberg

How Does Toyota Take on Major Challenges?—The Case of Reimagined Mobility

Nigel Thurlow, Former Chief of Agile at Toyota Connected

Imagine that you were given the chance to lead the Agile transformation of Toyota from an automotive company to a mobility company, through AI, connected intelligence services and innovations that no one can yet conceive.

Join us in Berlin and you will hear first-hand from Nigel Thurlow on his experiences of how Toyota Connected adopted Agile while staying true to their Lean roots. You will also hear how this has lead to the development of the Flow system which brings together all the concepts of Lean/TPS and evolves it to embrace complexity.

Nigel Thurlow
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Kata Dojo—Set the Vision for a Coaching Leadership

Tilo Schwarz, Management Coach

Developing the ability and resilience of individuals and teams to adapt, problem-solve, and innovate is one of the core management tasks of our time.

Since there is no roadmap for many of todays challenges, having leaders develop their peoples skill to experiment, learn and adapt in rapid cycles is an increasingly crucial factor for reaching challenging goals and achieving continuous improvement and innovation at scale.  As a result, high-grade coaching ability is becoming an essential skill for any manager.

In this session, Tilo Schwarz, the creator of the Kata Coaching Dojo approach, will inspire us to set our vision for becoming and developing world-class coaches.

Constantin May
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Expanding the Pattern—What Can We Learn from the Use of the Improvement Kata Pattern in an Elementary School?

Constantin May, Prof. Dr. at Ansbach University of Applied Sciences, Germany

Professor Constantin May will share the success story of using the Improvement Kata pattern in an elemantary school in Flachslanden. Now, students of different ages are expanding the pattern into more and more areas.

Constantin May
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Breakout sessions ‘A’

Choose one out of five

A1. Kata in the Classroom-1: The Puzzle Exercise

Led by facilitators that were trained on the first day, with support of Mike Rother.

This session ends at 12:00

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A2. Mini Coaching Dojo

Tilo Schwarz, Management Coach, Germany

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A3. Moving from Command and Control to Experimentation in the NHS

Ann Hill, Improvement Practice Consultant at NHS Improvement, United Kingdom

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A4. Creating a Kata Culture at ING Bank

Ingeborg ten Berge, ING Bank, The Netherlands

David Bogaerts, ING Bank, The Netherlands

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A5. Operational Excellence, Scientific Thinking and Agile – How Does it all Fit Together?

Constantin May, Prof. Dr., Ansbach University of Applied Sciences, Germany

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Plenary sessions

Keynote by Mike Rother: What are We Learning?

Mike Rother
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Interactive Kata Coaching Dojo—Live on Stage

Tilo Schwarz, Management Coach

The Kata Dojo setup allows coaches to practise specific situations and responses, providing more frequent guided coaching practice, than would be possible in daily work life.

Get a first impression with this interactive, on stage, role-play session.

What Would a Psychologist Do?

Licenced Psychologist, Head of Outpatient Psychiatric Department at Region Halland, Sweden

Kata is about developing the capability to learn new skills, acquire new knowledge and break old patterns of behaviour. We have learned from many fields, like neuroscience. But what would a psychologist say about the Kata approach to developing new skills?

Aslak Iversen is not only a psychologist. He is also a leader that support his teams to drive continuous improvement, guided by Kata thinking.

Based on his interdisciplinary knowledge and experience, Aslak will add new insights on the dos and don’ts of how to make Kata useful and motivating for teams and leaders.

Aslak Iversen
Aslak Iversen

Pitching Kata in Your Organisation

Tracy Defoe, Specialist in Learning at Work, TLFI The Learning Factor

Why do so many people practice the improvement kata in secret? In 2018, an operations manager who had attended Tracy’s Intro to Toyota Kata workshop, explained she was forbidden by her company president to Kata a major parts supply problem.  The Ops manager did it anyways, in secret, to great success.  Tracy started to pay attention and collect stories of the ways organisations and individuals resist and dismiss the Kata. How can we make the pitch to leaders, so they understand the potential of Kata to develop improvers and drive alignment through shared challenges and daily experiments?

Tracy Defoe will share what she is learning about the challenge of pitching Kata from the perspective of in adult learning, culture change, and sales communication techniques and her own experience of practising Kata.

You will get equipped with practical techniques, built on a solid foundation of how learning works.

Tracy Defoe
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Quick Break

Breakout sessions ‘B’

Choose one out of six

B1. Kata in the Classroom-2: The New Catapult Exercise

Mike Rother

Mike Rother
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B2. Volkswagen Sarajevo: What Does Kata do to Teams, Leaders and Cultures?

Malik Šišić, Chief Purchasing Officer at Volkswagen Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina

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B3. Pitching Kata in Your Organisation

Tracy Defoe, Specialist in Learning at Work, TLFI The Learning Factor, Canada

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B4. How can Toyota Kata Help Foster Organisational Learning? 

Sylvain Landry, PhD, Professor and Associate Director of the Healthcare Management Hub at HEC Montréal, Canada, and administrator of the ToyotaKata@University website

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B5. Level up Agile with Kata

Jesper Boeg, Consultant, Denmark

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B6. Kata and Psychology

Aslak Iversen, Licenced Psychologist, Head of Outpatient Psychiatric Department at Region Halland, Sweden

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Break, networking & Refreshments

Plenary sessions

Kata Updates from Around the World

We broadcast the progress being achieved. Get inspired by hearing whats going on in Europe and around the world.

Driving Into a Dead End? — Kata in Times of Market Disruption

Carsten Klages, Program Manager for Foundations and Governance of Deutsche Bahn Excellence

The promise: Kata helps establishing a culture of creative confidence to tackle “impossible” challenges. It becomes especially powerful when you practice Kata as a team or even as a whole organisation.

Some reality: Kata can be very toxic. Practicing Kata can completely kill creativity and mercilessly crush motivation.

How can Kata be such a two-edged sword?

Carsten Klages will share

  • Inspiring examples from Siemens, where Kata thinking contributed to the formation of  high-performing, self-managed teams in the creation of a whole new factory—all in a large, traditional business area.
  • His perspective on the relevance of  Kata in times of digitalisation, general disruption and “startup culture”, where agility, holacracy, NewWOW etc are the new Poster childs of transformation.
  • Whether he is promoting Kata in  the next a large organisation, now when he has a second chance.

Carsten Klages
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Ending Reflections & Inspiration

Katacon Europe 2021
Officially Closes

Enjoy a long weekend in Berlin!